Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Queen's Birthday Holiday

"Lovely long weekend with sunshine".
Apart from slicing off the pad of my finger whilst making minestrone soup on Saturday, it was a relaxing weekend. Luckily it didn't add to the flavour of the soup. Ended up at the hospital on Monday to have it dressed and to try and stop the bleeding. It had better heal, don't want to have a skin graft, as the Dr suggested.
Took my new car for a spin on Saturday afternoon, too many dials and technical buttons. Will eventually get used to it.
Yesterday was spent browsing around the Bulleen Art and Garden centre - a very quirky place and fascinating. DH wants a few chooks, so spent some time their chook house working out the best plan to build one. Bought a big plastic owl, hopefully it will scare away the pigeons that are feasting on our vegie garden.
Headed up to Kyneton for lunch and coffee after Bulleen. The old buildings and gift shops are wonderful. Picked up some Goats Cheese and a cheap whole pumpkin for soup. Came home through Trentham, where DH hit the breaks as we drove past a house that makes chook pens. I am banning a rooster, so it looks like 3 chooks will be the way to go. He would like a white, a chocolate and a black chook.
The only disappointment with the weekend, was "I forgot to take the camera".
"Thank you Elizabeth R. for giving us a day off to spend in the sunshine".

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  1. You should have come in for a coffee....I was in the garden all day, enjoying the unusual sunshine! I know the place on Cosmo Road you mention - they make good movable chook pens. I now have four Isa Browns, they are incredibly friendly and tame, giving about three eggs a day.
    Will be interested to see what your end up with.