Thursday, December 13, 2018

The Week That Was

It has been one of those weeks....not one that I could say I have enjoyed.
Walked out of night school last week to a non lit pavement, fell over after catching my foot in a square cut out in the pavement, then into a square cut out in the road behind my car.

I hit the edge of the square, face grazed, scratched glasses lens and luckily my Fitbit watch took the brunt of the fall on my wrist. Nothing broken, sprained and bruised. A new lens for my glasses was ordered, received the call to say that it had arrived, unfortunately the lady at the eye clinic mixed the numbers up on the frame order and the lens didn't arriving next week!!
Then to top it all off, I have had ANOTHER chest infection....
Haven't been able to attend rose garden for the last 2 weeks.

 Class of concertina books.
The cover is using a sheet of Korean Jammochi felted paper that I made at Winter School one year.
 From another Winter School class, with Jet James, I used the remaining Collography prints.

 Our last class we made a box to store our smaller bound books.
Next time I think I would make it with the books standing up.
The base needs to be covered.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Book Binding - Week 9

This lesson was concentrating on Concertina Books. 
Quite easy, though there was a knack to folding the pages to get that crisp edge.
Finally found a small bone folder, my other was too thick and when I scored the card, the plastic started to wear off.

 Week spent doing sketches of door, window and knockers.

Another little concertina book covered in Jamoochi hand felted paper I made at Winter School.
Need ribbon ties added to the covers.
I enjoy Coptic Binding, made this for a gift during the week.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 331
Cherry Tree Branch
 SM 332
Silk and Black
 SM 333
 SM 334
Ebb Tide
 SM 335
 SM 336
Yellow waterlily in pond
 SM 337
Bushfire Season
 SM 338
Tree House
 SM 339
Ocean Horizon
 SM 340
SM 341
Dots and Circle

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Book Binding

Week 8 class, after finishing our Case bound book, started on Lazy Daisy Stitch binding. 
Homework for the week. I can honestly say that I did not enjoy this binding, very fiddly and on several occasions unpicking was the order of the day with grunting and muttering as I did it.!!!
 Practice sheet.
Cardboard was used for the book cover. Not sure how it would go using the book binding fabric.
 I used old linen thread, pre-waxed the single strand with bees wax.
Not easy and if I did this binding again I would make the holes further apart.
Made a piece for the cover from a torn, hand stamped sheet I made one year at Winter School and added a piece of label I peeled from a wine bottle.

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 319
Stripes and Patches
SM 320
A bit of Africa
 SM 321
Sue chose these fabrics at Guild GTG
SM 322
These fabric colours went together
 SM 323
A bit of Blue and White with Red thrown in.
 SM 324
Upholstery Swatch
 SM 325
Simple Linens and Silk
 SM 326
Oriental Mood
SM 327
I liked these fabrics together
 SM 328
 Watched the movie Space Cowboys
SM 329
Chiffon Scarf fabrics on Linen
SM 330
Orange and Grey

Week 8 - Book Binding

We finished off our Case Bound book.
 After covering the cover board, added the case bound book with the front and back paper plates.

 Finished book.
 I have never had a "little black book" before, first time for everything.
 Another little Coptic Bound book for a gift.
Handmade paper, raspberry tea bag paper with free motion stitched leaves.
Inside papers using a sheet I bought in Kuala Lumpur.
Homework for next week is a practice Running Daisy bind.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cruden Farm

Today, Cruden Farm Open Day, home of the late Dame Elisabeth Murdoch.  

In 1928 journalist and newspaper executive Keith Murdoch gave his 19-year-old bride, Elisabeth Greene, a small farm as a wedding present. Elisabeth loved the property at first sight, but Murdoch, a perfectionist, soon engaged leading design professionals to revitalise the modest weatherboard cottage and old-fashioned garden into a weekend retreat that was suitable for his family and for entertaining.

In 1930, Sir Keith appointed Edna Walling to devise plans for new gardens; including a Walled Garden. In 1944, a potentially devastating bush fire tore through Cruden Farm almost engulfing the house and destroying hundreds of plants and trees in its path. Miraculously the fire stopped just short of the house but not before it had killed many of the wondrous lemon scented gum trees, planted by Sir Keith and Dame Elisabeth as per Wallings’ plans, that created the iconic driveway from the main entry up to the house.

Percy Meldrum designed the stables, which were built during the Depression by local men, who had no other work at the time. Sir Keith had over-extended the budget but went ahead with the construction of the Stables in order to provide the men with much needed incomes.

Beyond the formal gardens, lies the ‘outer garden’ and the stunning lake that Dame Elisabeth created in 1987. Behind the lake are numerous Oaks, some of which were planted by Dame Elisabeth’s daughters and grand-daughters in the late 1980’s. Many of which were planted on each of her birthday's.

Michael Morrison, head gardener took us on the tour and explained the beautiful gardens. He has been in the job for 48 years, jokingly told us that he was the 2nd in charge, first in charge was Dame Elisabeth who he fondly referred to as "the boss".

 There were 3 ginkgo trees, this one was planted in honour of the grand-daughter's 21st birthday, she is now in her 50's.

 Even a stately home has it's compost heap.

The cottage garden by the swimming pool. For several months of the year, Dame Elisabeth would be up at 6am every morning for her swim.
Upon instructions from "the boss" these areas were not to be mowed as they are planted with bulbs. When they die down then the task will be done.