Sunday, September 17, 2017

Not Another Quilt.....

I decided to take a break from quilt viewing, overload, though I did manage to see all 18 venues except one, covering 38 exhibitions. I took a walk around the village Sainte-Marie-Aux-Mines.
Will post more quilts when I arrive home.
 Lovely lead light windows of the Theatre.
 The Theatre was used as one of the venues for display.

 The Old Dairy Barn venue.
 Asked these 2 Frenchmen if I could take a photo, they were very disappointed after posing, that I only wanted their T-shirts. I asked if they were quilters, no, their wives were and they do all the cutting of fabric for them.
 It was interesting that the majority of quilts were signed on the front, no labels on the back.
 Beautiful village churches used as display venues.
 Tomorrow all will be closed for services of Mass.

 This blue eyed beauty was eyeing off everyone walking past.
He was sitting quietly on the bridge to his property over the stream, locked behind the gate.
 Floor of one of the churches.

 After a long day, sat at the open air cafe, protected from the rain, and ordered a hot cappuccino, not what I expected. While sitting there people watching, noticed the building below across the street.
 It could probably tell a few stories of who had lived there.
Last night tonight. 7.30 am pick up to Strasbourg Railway Station, 2 hour train to Paris Airport.
Late afternoon flight to Dubai then very early morning (after midnight) flight to Melbourne.
Arrive late Monday night and probably won't be worth speaking to...already tired thinking about it.
I hope you have enjoyed travelling with me, many thanks for commenting on my blog.
Until next time.........

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Exhibition That I Loved

Cheminement - En Art Textile by Marie-Christine Hourdeboight - France/Swiss
Creation in all it's forms is a pleasure. Discovering and being curious about everything, soaking up the surroundings are the bases of the artist Marie- Christine's research, finding links between different sensitivities, sharing and associating, taking advantage of different universes, textile, wood, lace, texts etc. Communicating, playing, tying, waving shapes, fibres, binding, interlacing threads, experimenting and letting oneself be guided by the imaginary, lead to new ways...
Taking the time to llook, to wonder, to be amazed, to go to the essential. letting oneself talk about one's emotions and walk slowly through one's desires.

Day 2 - Quilt Exhibitions

Behind Closed Doors - Ian Berry U.K.
At first glance, many believe that Ian Berry's work are blue toned photographs or indigo coloured oil paintings. This is not only when viewed online or in print, when much of the depth and detail is lost, but even up close.
Evan at touching distance, many viewers don't realise that they are looking at many layers and shades, of denim jeans. But of course it is testament to his work that it is not all about it being made in old jeans that makes it special.
It is simply his medium for seeing the world, his paint, and what a material to use in this modern world, with all it's symbols and dualitites, as well as being such a common item of clothing that unites many around the globe.

 My photos don't show the 3  dimensional layering of the pieces.
 These were actual life size made washing machines.