Sunday, June 17, 2018

Stitch Meditations

Another week gone by.
SM 163
Autumn tones and batik, the last of the leaf colour changes.

 SM 164
Wool sample and background of fabric new shoes were wrapped in.

 SM 165

 SM 166
A little something to brighten my day.

 SM 167
Winter is upon us, off cut of an old woolen blanket with blanket stitch.

SM 168
Miserable, cold, rainy and windy day, sitting by the heater stitching.
Wearing my burgundy beanie from "CarriesBeanies4BrainCancer" charity.

Saturday, June 16, 2018

Werribee River Walk

After a family lunch, we walked the path along the river. Brisk with a cold wind but a lovely view. We are very lucky to have many walks around our area with great paths.

 The path winds around the football oval and outdoor pool.

 There are old river gums on the banks.

 I am terrified of snakes. Was told to be careful, a snake on the path.....
Haha, very funny....I don't think so....

Beautiful moss growing on the rocks. The colour was luscious.

Monday, June 11, 2018

Stitch Meditations

SM 157
Fabric reversed and stitched.

SM 158
Upholstery back ground.

SM 159
Mosquito netting.

SM 160
Upholstery background.

SM 161
Native grasses in the National Park.

SM 162
Oriental Theme

Sunday, June 10, 2018

Sunday Organ Pipes

Our Sunday drive took us 30 minutes from home to the Organ Pipes National Park off the Calder Highway. Very busy with morning walkers and families. 
We then visited the bakery at Woodend before a drive to Trentham to visit the falls.
 A steep downhill walk, came around the first bend and then realised, if I walk down, I am going to have to walk up!!!!
 The National Park is below the 2 runways of the airport.
For those who know of my love of planes, I could have sat there all morning looking up.
 Despite a blue sky with sunshine, it was a frosty morning.

 The Organ Pipes rock formations on the banks of the Jackson Creek, a tributary of the northern Maribyrnong River.

 A track goes off the main walk to Rosetta Rock.
 Native grasses.
 Trentham Falls.

 The tree branches were covered in beautiful moss.
Trentham Park.

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Stitch Meditations

 SM 149
Fabric from Michele

 SM 150
Knitting wool swatch from Bendigo Woolen Mills

 SM 151
Stripes, lime green piece from Marie's fabric swap

 SM 152
Cut up old pillow case and added strips

 SM 153
Woven off cut from my friend Jeanette, who wove the piece to make a beautiful purse.
Orange ribbon from a bunch of flowers with coarse mesh.

SM 154
Kimono fabric and stitching with coarse gauze.
Saw a Japanese inspired quilt at the Waverley Patchworkers Quilt exhibition.

SM 155
Chinese satin fabric

SM 156
Coming to the end of my favourite piece of wipe cloth from a dying workshop.
Not enough to cover, added some hydrangea fabric.
Added a piece of white gauze, embroidered bits from a swap with Michele.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Fresh Sea Air and Quilts

After calling in to see the Waverley Quilters Exhibition at Mulgrave, we took a drive to Kooweerup and Tooradin. It was lovely strolling along the foreshore.
The exhibition was excellent.
 I loved this quilt made with felt.
"Wallflower Quilt"
by Dianne Schwab-Eichler
Designed by Wendy Williams

 Great idea for an old chair and a wire hanging basket.
 This area tells the history and story of town.
Due to the black fertile soil and climate, the area is the biggest asparagus growing region in Australia.
First grown in the early 1900's with exports started in early 1980. 
It earns Victoria the highest dollar in vegetable exports.
Harvest season is between August and December.

 Drove on to Tooradin.

 Atlantic seagull.

 Looking out on to Western Port Bay.
 Feather diamonds.
I saw these dandelions and wasn't happy with the photo, turned back to get another shot and a little girl had taken the fairies off the stems. 
I was asked if I would like an icecream.
"Yes please, but only a small single serve".
This is what came back!!!! Butterscotch and Passion-fruit.....